Current building a full stack kiosk application which Angular 7. Angular Cli is component-based architecture that provides a higher quality of code and written using TypeScript language. More features here:


Passionate in building Android Apps with 6+ years of experience architecting and building cutting-edge Android apps for mobile devices in the e-commerce, Dental, Pharmacy, Location oriented and Casino industries.


Kotlin is next best alternative in build Android Apps natively. After switching, It makes me really so light in code maintaining, readability and many more. I like to switch to the latest technology trends when it is available.


My Software career is started with Java. It’s like my mother tongue. It is the Basic programming language for million developers in the world. Recently going through Java 10 features.


I have a good experience in Swift and I’m currently working on Swift 4. Swift is more easy to adopt for me as it is similar to Kotlin. You can’t stop loving this technology once you get used to it. Initially, I worked with Objective C language in build Dental and Pharmacy Apps.


PHP is independent of platform, open source and ease to use. I worked on a project for an year and find it’s importance and it is quick processing technology on the server side. Worked PHP along with Oracle DB, Mongo DB and MySql.

Python is widely used technology like Java and I had experienced for 2 years. I attracted to it because of its advantages like Portable, Improved programmers productivity, Extensible in C++ & C, dynamic and interactive. 


Worked on Node Js for six months on a project where I need to communicate from a client browser application to the server side database. Node JS is flexible and scalable. Use it we can make a convenient data transfer between client-side and server side.


One year experienced on Angular JS to build an RSVP application for a US client. The most interesting part of this technology is Dependency Injection and Data Binding. It’s so difficult to switch to other Java scripting technology if you get used to Angular JS.


The current website that you are watching is build with WordPress. I usually use WordPress to blog few tech trends and few tutorials. I build few websites for few of my clients and for my friends using WordPress.